In today’s world where all data related to life flow down on screens, most of the surfaces and spaces become screens, visual communication is established with the singularity of human-human, human-machine relationship.

Visual Communication Design Department is an interdisciplinary field which brings together nature, design and humanities. Academic studies and the education process in this field require a mastery of various academic field’s theory and practice dimensions. Beyond designing a visual product, in department’s workspace expanding from “internet of things” to posthumanism, algorithms, codes, aesthetic judgement and signs have to be understood in conjunction to each other on the ground of composing a new world. To understand these communication process consisted of layers with social, psychological, political and economic contexts is already a question. Besides these contexts, to design process as a visual product with an aesthetical interest, requires a profound expertise in practice.

Our difference as a department is to raise experts who know how to renovate his/her knowledge and experience, as masters of theory and practice in visual culture’s research field. In today’s world professions are transfomed consistently, multi-talented people are looked for, work fields are intertwined. Our aim as a department is to graduate modern artisans who “learned how to learn”, determine his/her own conditions and conduct production process in academic and market conditions of this ground hard to define and to limit.